SURF Faculty-Mentor Reimbursement Request

SURF Faculty-Mentor Reimbursement Request

The Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF) program provides reimbursements up to $300 for faculty mentors' research related expenses. Please use the following form to make your reimbursement request. Note: You must have already purchased the item to make a request.

Purchases and reimbursement requests must be submitted by June 30.

Common research items include (but are not limited to) lab materials, software subscriptions, etc. Gift cards are not eligible for reimbursement.

Itemized Receipt and Proof of Payment
-You will need to provide documentation showing proof of purchase. This includes the item summary, the cost, date of purchase, and proof of payment (personal or business). If the receipt does not show all of this information, supplemental information from a bank or credit card statement showing proof of purchase may be needed.

Methods of Reimbursement
-For an item that was purchased through a cost center, we will reallocate the expense from your cost center to the Honors College.
-For an item that was already purchased outside of a cost center (such as on a personal credit card), the Honors College will reimburse you using a voucher.